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n.1.(Min.) A blue isometric mineral, characteristic of some volcanic rocks. It is a silicate of alumina, lime, and soda, with sulphate of lime.
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Species range from the very common (apophyllite, barite, calcite, corundum) to the semi-exotic (baddeleyite, hauynite, nosean, ettringite, jeremejevite) to the extremely rare (hannebachite, willhendersonite, the not-yet-published batiferrite), and all in selections liberal enough to show a full range of habits--I counted 25 pictures, each one different, of barytolamprophyllite alone.
The great Paris School of Mines had (besides a few specimens of general provenance and interest) a dignified case on Rend Just Hauy, with a set of his original (wooden, tiny) crystal models, an ancient microscope, manuscripts, and a matrix of Vesuvian lava showing a sharp, pale, opaque, greenish blue, 1-cm hauynite crystal in a shallow vug.