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Ha·van·a 1

The capital and largest city of Cuba, in the northwest part of the island country on the Gulf of Mexico. Founded on its present site in 1519, it became the capital of Spanish Cuba in 1552. The explosion of the US battleship Maine in Havana's harbor in February 1898 was the immediate cause of the Spanish-American War.

Ha·van′an adj. & n.

Ha·van·a 2

A cigar made in Cuba, especially one of fine quality.

[After Havana1.]


(Placename) the capital of Cuba, a port in the northwest on the Gulf of Mexico: the largest city in the Caribbean; founded in 1514 as San Cristóbal de la Habana by Diego Velásquez. Pop: 2 192 000 (2005 est). Spanish name: Habana


(həˈvæn ə)

1. Spanish, Habana. the capital of Cuba, on the NW coast. 2,241,000.
2. a cigar made in Cuba or of Cuban tobacco.
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Noun1.Havana - the capital and largest city of CubaHavana - the capital and largest city of Cuba; located in western Cuba; one of the oldest cities in the Americas
Cuba, Republic of Cuba - a communist state in the Caribbean on the island of Cuba
La Habana


[həˈvænə] NLa Habana


[həˈvænə] nLa Havane


Havanna nt
(= cigar)Havanna(zigarre) f


[həˈvænə] nL'Avana
References in classic literature ?
These words were said by a huntsman peacefully seated at the edge of the forest of Ile-Adam, who was finishing an Havana cigar while waiting for his companion, who had lost his way in the tangled underbrush of the wood.
This new cargo was destined for the coast of the Duchy of Lucca, and consisted almost entirely of Havana cigars, sherry, and Malaga wines.
The chemist informed her that Victor's vessel had reached Havana.
More probably a Spaniard," said another, "and hence his yellow complexion; or, most likely, he is from the Havana, or from some port on the Spanish main, and comes to make investigation about the piracies which our government is thought to connive at.
Having indicated an arm-chair to me and placed my refreshment near it, he handed me a long, smooth Havana.
Oh, this is an Havana, and these others are cigars of the peculiar sort which are imported by the Dutch from their East Indian colonies.
Athelny smoked cigarettes of Havana tobacco, which he rolled himself.
You see the sitting room we are now in--a pleasant little apartment, I think,--books, you see, papers, a smoking cabinet in which I can assure you that you will find the finest Havana cigars and the best cigarettes to be procured in London.
And while the steward shook his head, Doctor Emory lighted a big Havana and continued audibly to luxuriate in his fictitious triumph over the other doctor.
Many years before, the American battleship Maine had been blown up in the harbour of Havana, and war with Spain had immediately followed--though there has always existed a reasonable doubt as to whether the explosion was due to conspiracy or accident.
He went over to Nova Scotia to visit his relations--his father had come from Nova Scotia--and he wrote back to Leslie that his cousin, George Moore, was going on a voyage to Havana and he was going too.
The man himself sat at a shining, inlaid writing table which looked like a rare piece from a museum of art; his chair had a high, oval, carved back, upholstered in faded tapestry; and these objects made of the costly black Havana cigar, which he rolled incessantly from the middle to the left corner of his mouth and back again, an inexpressibly cheap and nasty object.