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(hɑvdɑˈlɑ; Yiddish hɑvˈdɔlə) or


(Judaism) Judaism the ceremony marking the end of the sabbath or of a festival, including the blessings over wine, candles, and spices
[literally: separation]


(hɑvˈdɔ lə, ˌhɑv dɑˈlɑ)

a religious ceremony observed by Jews at the conclusion of the Sabbath or a festival.
[1730–40; < Hebrew habhdālāh literally, division, separation]
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Fragrant spices have long been regarded within the tradition as purifying and sacred; they remain central to the observance of Havdalah (the ceremony that marks the end of Shabbat), and the preparation of charoset on Passover.
Other storylines have included a Yom Kippur break-fast, a Passover Seder aboard a cruise ship and a Havdalah ceremony that devolves into a fight over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
If he makes havdalah over wine on Saturday night, as it says, You must distinguish between the sacred and the profane (Lev.
As the ritual of Havdalah shows us at the close of Shabbat with candle and spice, where there is light, so too there is shadow.
One box, for example, could commemorate Havdalah, the ceremony that marks the end of the Sabbath each Saturday night.
When Shabbat was over, my father made havdalah, and we went downstairs.
In Jewish custom even today, the end of the Sabbath day is marked by a ritual of candle lighting and blessing called Havdalah (i.
The next night will feature Havdalah as well as the deconsecration of the Persky Sanctuary.
The havdalah (separation) ceremony concluding the Sabbath on Saturday evening ritually marks the transition back into "ordinary" or unredeemed time, with these distinctions acknowledged as temporary or provisional realities, to be endured until the next Friday evening and, ultimately, until the messianic era.
Thus, Nana Clover has a Thanksgiving centerpiece, the Danziger family has a havdalah candle to bless the ending of Sabbath, the Erickson's have a Santa Lucia candle for Kirsten's crown to celebrate Santa Lucia Day, Donte's family has a Faith candle for the kinara, and finally Nasreen and Faruq have a candle to help guide their father to their new apartment home when the power goes out.
the traditional five senses related Havdalah accoutrements of wine [kiddush] cup (taste), candleholder and braided candle (sight and touch), spice box [besamim] (smell).
A very old man stands on a busy street corner, his hands full of bunches of herbs--deep green mint leaves for fresh mint tea, lemon geranium with its sweet-smelling leaves for inhaling at the Havdalah ceremony, when the Shabbat departs and we need a boost of aroma therapy for the coming work week.