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(hɑvdɑˈlɑ; Yiddish hɑvˈdɔlə) or


(Judaism) Judaism the ceremony marking the end of the sabbath or of a festival, including the blessings over wine, candles, and spices
[literally: separation]


(hɑvˈdɔ lə, ˌhɑv dɑˈlɑ)

a religious ceremony observed by Jews at the conclusion of the Sabbath or a festival.
[1730–40; < Hebrew habhdālāh literally, division, separation]
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Run by the London-based collective Jewdas, my four-day trip to Marseille in April would include the chance to "eat May Day sardines with locals, get pissed, [do] Havdallah on the beach, get pissed, learn about the 1,000 year history of Jews in Marseille, and get pissed.
Author Richard Schwartz will discuss and sign his book ``Judaism and Vegetarianism'' after a Havdallah service at 8:30 p.
I am thinking of etrogs (citrons used on Sukkot) turned into pomanders (to be smelled at the end of the Sabbath in the Havdallah ceremony) and pieces of afikoman (the matzoh that is hidden and then found at the Passover seder) hung over doors as amulets to increase one's blessing.
Here is an opportunity for youngsters to learn about the Jewish end-of-Sabbath celebration called havdallah and also see the spice boxes and braided candles on display at the museum at 2 p.
and bist meshugge to cuisine such as blintzes and borsht to items of ritual, such as havdallah or kharoses.
on March 22 followed by a traditional Havdallah service at 9 p.
It will include a Havdallah ceremony; film screening of "A Journey of Spirit," a documentary by Ann Coppel; and a song circle of Jewish songs of the spirit with Beth Miriam Rose and Rabbi Boris Dolin.
Havdallah and Malva Malka - A short "havdallah" or ending of shabbat ritual will be done at 8:30 p.
with a Havdallah and S'lichot service at the temple at 1175 E.
Temple Beth Israel - An observance of the Jewish High Holy Days will begin with Havdallah and S'lichot services at 9 p.
Temple Beth Israel - Havdallah and S'lichot service will be at 8 tonight at the synagogue, 2550 Portland St.
We reached the Moshav Modi'in for Havdallah - a ritual marking the fragrant, sweet sadness of leaving the Sabbath for a week of work.