Havildar major

a native sergeant major in the East Indian army.

See also: Havildar

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The government is engaged in finalising the definition of One Rank, One Pension, so I urge veterans and plead Havildar Major Singh whose fast entered 19th day to break off the fast,"Rajeev Chandrasekhar had appealed.
Your Excellency and the Government of India will be solely responsible if any damage/ mishap happens to Havildar Major Singh or any other ex- servicemen because of the hunger strike,"the letter said.
The letter said that as many as four agitating veterans had been hospitalised due to their fastunto- death and also highlighted the condition of ex- serviceman Havildar Major Singh, who is on an indefinite fast since August 16.
Two others -- Havildar Major Singh ( Retd) and Havildar Ashok Chauhan ( Retd) -- are also on a similar protest.