Hawaiian goose

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Hawaiian goose

See nene.


(ˈneɪ neɪ)

n., pl. -ne.
a barred, gray-brown wild goose, Nesochen sandvicensis, native to Hawaii.
[1900–05; < Hawaiian nēnēAustronesian]
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A pair of Hawaiian geese (the sixth most-endangered species of waterfowl worldwide) were found on Oahu with three goslings.
He also created a number of ponds, which today are home to an range of exotic fowl, including Hawaiian geese (the world's rarest goose) Bahama pintail ducks from the Galapagos Islands, South American black-necked Swans, Australian black swans and giant chickens from China.
However, close inbreeding can reduce fitness, as observed for captive Hawaiian Geese (Branta sandvicensis) that were closely inbred (Rave et al.
Factors influencing reproductive success in captive populations of Hawaiian Geese Branta sandvicensis.
The first Hawaiian Geese goslings - or Nene - were born at the wildfowl and wetland centre in Burscough, West Lancashire, and heralds the start of the duckling season.
EXPERTISE Birdkeeper Owen Joiner with Hawaiian geese.
Species photographed at the burrow entrance include feral cats, rats, Hawaiian geese, small passerines, geckos, and spiders.
Visitors are invited to feed the rare Hawaiian geese, the nene, the state bird of the Pacific islands American state that was saved from the brink of extinction by the trust.
This is a two and a half acre garden full of trees, shrubs and even Hawaiian geese nTan Dinas,Llanfairpwll is a cottage garden in the shadow of the Marquess of Anglesey's column,planted on two levels and includes fruit and vegetable sections.
Nene geese are otherwise known as Hawaiian geese and live on the Hawaiian islands in the Pacific Ocean.
Constraints on productivity of wild Nene or Hawaiian Geese Brunta sandvicensis.
Principal prices: Cage birds - Pair Rubino Rosellas pounds 85 Pair Golden Mantels Rosellas pounds 55 Pair White Faced Cockatiels pounds 52 Pair Lovebirds pounds 32 Pair Budgies pounds 20 Poultry & Waterfowl - Pair Emperor Geese pounds 200 Pair Hawaiian Geese pounds 130 Pair Barhead Geese pounds 130 Pair Silver Seabrights pounds 105 Three Light Sussex Pullets pounds 90 Trio White Crested Black Polish pounds 85 Pair Pied Peacocks pounds 85.

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