Hawk eagle

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(Zool.) an Asiatic bird of the genus Spizætus, or Limnætus, intermediate between the hawks and eagles. There are several species.

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I also managed to capture a changeable hawk eagle and a crested serpent eagle with prey.
The vast complex of swamp forests, shallow lakes, lily-covered ponds and wetlands is home to wild ducks, herons, egrets and threatened species like the Philippine hawk eagle.
A hawk eagle preyeing near a pond, elephants drinking water, Sambhar deer posing in perfect light and then the sunset.
The discovery included: thirty undocumented bird species, including the black-and-white hawk eagle, Wilson's phalarope, and ash colored cuckoo; two undocumented mammals - Niceforo's big-eared bat and the Tricolored Bat; as well as 233 undocumented species of butterflies and moths.
Highlights include striped mackerel feeding, young rats drinking from a water butt and a hawk eagle grappling with a monitor.
as the "Indian Crested Hawk Eagle," Spizaetus cirrhatus cirrhatus, and the "Booted Hawk Eagle," Hieraetus pennatus.
She made the observation after the DENR found two juvenile hornbills, a hawk eagle, three juvenile raptors and an owl in two boxes on a Manila-bound bus from Camarines Norte.