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 (îr′bĭl, är′-) or Ir·bil (îr′-) or Er·bil (îr′-, ĕr′-)
A city of northern Iraq north of Baghdad. Built on the site of ancient Arbela, it is a trade center.


(Placename) a variant spelling of Erbil


(ˈɪər bɪl, ˈɛər-)

also Arbil

a town in N Iraq: built on the site of ancient Arbela. 333,903.
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history of their capital Hawler, one of the world's oldest continually inhabited cities, known in Sumerian as Urbilum, in Akkadian as Arbail, and in Arabic as Erbil.
20,000 b/d from the Hawler field operated by Oryx Petroleum; current output not known.
The PUK eventually re-took Suleimaniya and parts of Hawler province.
A Qualitative Assessment of the Small Group Teaching at Hawler College of Medicine.
Teaching methods in Hawler College of Medicine in Iraq: A qualitative assessment from teachers' perspectives.
The Ain Al Safra discovery will be appraised in 2014 as part of the multi-well appraisal and development-drilling programme in the Hawler license area, where the company is the operator and has a 65 percent participating and working interest.
His village of Ashkaftsaqa was decimated, forcing his family to flee to Hawler, capital of the Kurdistan region.
Dalir Mohammad-Saeid, MSN BSN, is a nurse instructor at the College of Nursing, Hawler University of Medical Sciences, Erbil, Iraq.
In an interview with Hawler Newspaper, Hosseini said the volume of commercial transactions between the two countries has increased tenfold during the past six years, and "they are getting better, day by day".
Jalal's memoir recounts his time as a young man in the Kurdish city of Hawler, in Iraq, his burgeoning career as a poet, including his experiences with decidedly unfriendly censors, and his sudden and shocking imprisonment without charge in 1986.
1) Clinical Analysis Department, Pharmacy College, Hawler Medical University, Kurdistan - Region, Iraq.