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(Historical Terms) obsolete Brit a parish officer in charge of enclosures and fences


(ˈheɪ wərd)

a city in central California, SE of Oakland. 121,631.
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Philip had spent three months in Heidelberg when one morning the Frau Professor told him that an Englishman named Hayward was coming to stay in the house, and the same evening at supper he saw a new face.
Hayward sought his acquaintance; but Philip had an unfortunate trait: from shyness or from some atavistic inheritance of the cave-dweller, he always disliked people on first acquaintance; and it was not till he became used to them that he got over his first impression.
Philip was a good listener; though he often thought of clever things to say, it was seldom till after the opportunity to say them had passed; but Hayward was communicative; anyone more experienced than Philip might have thought he liked to hear himself talk.
Hayward talked of Richard Feverel and Madame Bovary, of Verlaine, Dante, and Matthew Arnold.
He borrowed books from the small lending library which the town possessed and began reading all the wonderful things that Hayward spoke of.
As the refurbished Hayward Gallery reopens, its director talks to Fatema Ahmed about what the brutalist building offers artists--and audiences --who are willing to venture beyond the white cube
NBA great Kobe Bryant offered Gordon Hayward a powerful motivational message on Instagram with the Boston forward looking at grueling recovery from his injured left leg.
Tuesday night was a bad night for the Boston Celtics, but it was an especially bad night for newly acquired forward Gordon Hayward.
80 acre parcel at Hayward Executive Airport (KHWD), in whole or in part, with direct airfield access
But Barry head teacher Janet Hayward - who has been shortlisted for one of education's most lucrative prizes - has no intention of leaving Cadoxton Primary if she is named the world's best teacher.
THOUSANDS of people lined the streets of Wolverhampton for the funeral of former Wolves owner Sir Jack Hayward, who died on January 13 at the age of 91.
FORMER Wolves owner Sir Jack Hayward has died at the age of 91, the club have announced.