He's sick

He's sick 
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He's sick they say, but is getting better, and will be all right again before long.
Swears he's sick of fellows showing their arms and legs, and seeing which fellow's hardest, and who's got three belts of muscle across his wind, and who hasn't, and the like of that.
It's clear what she's got in mind, but the lad is understandably cautious about getting physical and he cancels their date, pretending he's sick.
She also posted a picture of her son - who she described as "exhausted but tough" - watching Bake Off in the children's ward, with the words: "Even though he's sick in hospital he still wants to watch #gbbo #dedicated.
THE Met Police Chief Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe says he's sick of seeing fat, waddling coppers and if they don't lose weight and get fitter then there's no job for them.
SEAN LAMONT admits he's sick and tired of Six Nations failure and insists the loser tag must be shed against Wales at Murrayfield tomorrow.
May God strike me dead if I ever had sex wit that man #ugliness He's sick and in dire need of rehab.
A source told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: "Liam says he's had enough of it all - he's sick of the drama and doesn't think his marriage is worth fighting for anymore.
The peeved porn-watcher says he's sick of the nonstop gospel songs that emanate from the next-door home in the small, quiet mountain town.
His wife is sick, he's sick, and he's sleeping in a cave.
Fans are currently anticipating the release of Skinner's final album under The Streets' band name after he announced that he's sick of the connotations that come with the name.
GUTTED Jim Chapman last night slammed his sloppy stars and insisted he's sick of the same old excuses after they slipped to another dire defeat.