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n.1.One who heaps, piles, or amasses.
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prices can't be beaten that t will refund the difference to nyone that finds they could ave had the same work done heaper, to the same standard, within seven days and five miles f the dealership.
of the eye shadow oundland make-up," said the quite shocked, but I still heaper make-up, it is just a Benefitsadviser viser Lynsey Dalton also got it wrong.
uk While home-grown vegetables are often heaper than shop-bought, a report by Which?
Process of ammoniation could use urea as the chemical material to be heaper in price and to prevent pollution.
At the beginning, PEPFAR did not plan to procure heaper genetic ARVs produced in the developing world.
However, it chooses to sacrifice its Leeds plant, rather than the rumoured target of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, saying it is c heaper to employ Geordies.
Plus you can see this tactic of heaping scorn on pretensions to those old commercial virtues of authority and sincerity - thus (1) shielding the heaper of scorn from scorn and (2) congratulating the patron of scorn for rising above the mass of people who still fall for outmoded pretensions - employed to serious advantage on many of the television programs the commercials support.
Stan said: 'Our mother has heaper p experienced many things in her 86 years, but nothing like this.
While they were forced to raise their selling price they are facing competition from refilling depots that could offer a much heaper price.