Heat rays

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a term formerly applied to the rays near the red end of the spectrum, whether within or beyond the visible spectrum.

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73km) from the bomb's hypocentre, they were out of reach of its most intense infrared heat rays, which instantly carbonised human and animal flesh and vaporised the internal organs of those directly beneath the bomb.
Reftel is a highly-durable, transparent and heat-insulating window film which helps save energy through the blocking of ultraviolet and heat rays.
Thus only material particles can absorb heat rays, not elements of surfaces, although sometimes for the sake of brevity the expression absorbing surfaces is used" [12, [section] 12].
A vast amount of radiation passed through people's bodies, and the city was struck by heat rays and a blast that defy imagination.
And if we do overindulge on heat rays, what is the best course of action?
Schoeller has recently developed a new textile finish that helps textiles better absorb the sun's heat rays.
The intense heat rays caused by the bomb charred the bodies of many victims.
TOKYO - A piece of clothing scorched in the shape of diamond patterns by the heat rays of the 1945 atomic bomb has been found to have been kept at the Ground Self-Defense Force Medical School in Tokyo's Setagaya Ward, according to interviews with school officials.
An atomic bomb is designed to enable mass-killing and mass-destruction by causing blast waves and heat rays and releasing neutron radiation.
The sun's radiant heat rays penetrate through organic roofing material such as asphalt shingles, transferring heat directly into the home.
War of the Worlds - Alive on Stage recounts the tale of an unnamed narrator who wanders through the suburbs of London as Martians holed up in armoured tripods ravage Britain with flaming heat rays.
Live performance by 46 musicians plus an 11-foot high 3D photo-real floating hologram of Richard Burton, In Sight and Sound, as George Herbert, The Journalist Lest we forget the three-tonne, 35-foot tall Martian Fighting Machine firing new and improved real flame heat rays at the audience and scanning them with its bug-like eyes (oh to have had rays like that when leaving the arena in the sub-zero temperatures).