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a.1.Full of heath; abounding with heath; as, heathy land; heathy hills.
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A pretty winding path, artificially made, led me on among the trees, and my north-country experience soon informed me that I was approaching sandy, heathy ground.
The ground, shelving away below me, was all sand, with a few little heathy hillocks to break the monotony of it in certain places.
On the further side of the pond the ground sloped downward toward the south, and revealed, over a low paling, a pretty view of a village and its church, backed by fir woods mounting the heathy sides of a range of hills beyond.
We must seek it among the leafless woods and the brambly lanes, on the heathy moors and the great still hills, if we want to feel its joyous breath and hear its silent voices.
The bleak, hard, wind-swept road dipped down in front of them into a little valley, and then, writhing up the heathy slope upon the other side, lost itself among the gaunt pine-trees.
I was on some sort of a heathy common mottled over with dark clumps of furze-bushes.
He led the way through the gap to a patch of turf on the heathy ground, screened by bushes and dwarf trees on the side nearest to the road, and commanding in the opposite direction a grandly desolate view over the broad brown wilderness of the moor.
One of the main reasons is due to the rise of the heathy eating trend, an increase of the vegan lifestyle, with less meat being consumed.
5%, significantly below peers' average and we expect this to be maintained, supported by its heathy profitability.
Regional instability continues to impact confidence in many sectors, although the ambitious pace of development in the region will continue to generate significant interest from investors and a heathy pipeline of financing transactions.
The study helps us identify crucial elements that make for happy, heathy communities and become the foundation for how we bring our integrated retail, leisure and entertainment offering to design mixed-use destinations that drive holistic value for residents and surrounding communities.
The product contains vitamin D to support bone, teeth, muscle and immune health; vitamin A and zinc to help support a heathy immune system; and vitamin B12 to support energy metabolism.