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A scholar who specializes in the study of Hebrew.

He′bra·is′tic, He′bra·is′ti·cal adj.
He′bra·is′ti·cal·ly adv.


(ˌhi breɪˈɪs tɪk, -bri-)

of or pertaining to Hebraists or characterized by Hebraism or Hebraisms.
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Although in theory Arnold advocates a new kind of culture which combines the Hellenistic bent towards free play of thought with the Hebraistic drive towards work and action (pp.
Employing Matthew Arnold's definitions from Culture and Anarchy, Ilie categorizes Unamuno's philosophy as "what we might call markedly Hebraistic, as opposed to Hellenistic, in content" (266).
amp; yet he could never get out of his Hebraistic phraseology & mythology, &, when all was over, still remained in the thin porridge or cold tea of Unitarianism" (Emerson 1982: 350, 5 Nov.