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 (hĕb′rĭ-dēz′) also Western Isles
An island group of western and northwest Scotland in the Atlantic Ocean, divided into the Inner Hebrides, closer to the Scottish mainland, and the Outer Hebrides, to the northwest. Settled by ancient Celts, the islands lay under Norwegian rule from the 10th to the 13th century, when they were ceded by treaty to the Scots.

Heb′ri·de′an adj. & n.


(ˌhɛbrɪˈdiːən) or


(Placename) of or relating to the Hebrides or their inhabitants
(Placename) a native or inhabitant of the Hebrides
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Adj.1.Hebridean - of or relating to the Hebrides


adjHebriden-, der Hebriden; Hebridean islandHebrideninsel f
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02 Contract Notice (below OJEU threshold): Hebridean Housing Partnership are tendering for the appointment of a firm of Chartered Surveyors to undertake a stock condition survey across our social housing stock.
Following the lovely chicken themed end papers, a combination of a story, the alphabet and the glorious Hebridean scenery, results in a book that is a pleasure to look at and to read, as well as being packed with new things to learn about.
Sprinkle the langoustines with Hebridean Sea Salt and a squeeze of lemon juice and serve straightaway with a dollop of garlic aioli and a big wedge of juicy lemon.
subsidiary has entered into conditional agreements for the proposed sale and leaseback of the Hebridean Princess cruise vessel and certain related assets to, and for the sharing of customer data with, HP Shipping, the group said.
com STAG BAKERIES Stag produces a range with provenance including the awardwinning Stornoway Water Biscuit with Hebridean seaweed and Seaweed Oatcake.
Her Maj hosted her 80th on the Hebridean Princess and now the king and queen of modern pop look set to sail in her wake.
The Stornoway Water Biscuit with Hebridean Seaweed won the Great Taste Golden Fork Award for Best Scottish Speciality at the awards dinner that took place in September at the Royal Garden Hotel, London.
The couple were keen to marry at their French estate Chateau Miraval later this summer, but have changed their minds thanks to their son Maddox, 11, and are now looking to tie the knot aboard the Hebridean Princess cruise instead, which sails across the Scottish Isles.
MV Hebridean Princess, which carries 50 passengers and 38 crew, is like a floating country house hotel sailing around the Scottish isles.
The indie folk quartet from Oxford had never even been to Stornoway when they took the Hebridean town as their name in 2005.
We offer luxury hampers of our products, complimented with carefully sourced Hebridean treats, including the world famous 'original Stornoway black pudding', oatcakes from the Isle of Benbecula and toffee from the Isle of Barra.