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n. Greek Mythology
The wife of Priam and mother of Hector, Paris, and Cassandra in Homer's Iliad.


(Classical Myth & Legend) classical myth the wife of King Priam of Troy, and mother of Hector and Paris


(ˈhɛk yʊ bə)

the wife of the Trojan king Priam.
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Hecuba took out the largest robe, and the one that was most beautifully enriched with embroidery, as an offering to Minerva: it glittered like a star, and lay at the very bottom of the chest.
Well do I know that the day will surely come when mighty Ilius shall be destroyed with Priam and Priam's people, but I grieve for none of these--not even for Hecuba, nor King Priam, nor for my brothers many and brave who may fall in the dust before their foes--for none of these do I grieve as for yourself when the day shall come on which some one of the Achaeans shall rob you for ever of your freedom, and bear you weeping away.
So it has been since the days of Hecuba, and of Hector, Tamer of horses; inside the gates, the women with streaming hair and uplifted hands offering prayers, watching the world's combat from afar, filling their long, empty days with memories and fears; outside, the men, in fierce struggle with things divine and human, quenching memory in the stronger light of purpose, losing the sense of dread and even of wounds in the hurrying ardor of action.
Today, Symphony Hall, Birmingham, 0121 345 0600 Hecuba Troy has fallen, but after the final battle, there are reckonings to be made.
Irish writer Marina Carr - rather like the victorious Greeks - spares few prisoners in her drastic reworking of Euripides' classical tragedy on Trojan queen Hecuba.
Hecuba Swan Theatre, Stratford Upon Avon There are times in the theatre when you feel utterly moved by a play.
My new play, Hecuba, premieres at the Swan in Stratford in September, and the Abbey Theatre is doing a new production of By the Bog of Cats this coming August, so it will be a busy autumn.
performance of Hecuba and Fortinbras's resolve as models urging him
Marguerite Tassi discusses the associations Shakespeare makes between Tamora and an "ancient line of female avengers," particularly Hecuba, whose source of vengeance came as a bereaved mother: "Like Hecuba, Tamora feels compelled, justly, to 'quit' the bloody wrongs done to her and her son.
In addition to her work behind the scenes, Kelly has performed in the lead role of Hecuba in "Trojan Women,'' Cecil in "The Pool Boy,'' Mary in "Tartuffe,'' Marianne in "Almost, Maine,'' and Jane in "To Catch the Rose.
The use of (the term) Kanon to denote exemplary moral behaviour had certain Euripidean precedents, too--in Hecuba (c.