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also Ho·fei  (hŭ′fā′)
A city of east-central China west of Nanjing. It is the capital of Anhui province.


(ˈhʌˈfeɪ) or


(Placename) a city in SE China, capital of Anhui province: administrative and commercial centre in a rice- and cotton-growing region. Pop: 1 320 000 (2005 est)



also Hofei

the capital of Anhui province, in E China. 1,000,000.
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HEFEI, China, Safar 26, 1437, December 08, 2015, SPA -- Firefighters in China worked for more than three hours to rescue a dog that had its head trapped in a small hole in a brick wall, UPI reported.
MediaTek might likewise utilize the expected 12-inch joint endeavor fab to be develop by Powerchip Technology, that is the parent firm of Ilitek, in Hefei, China.
The annual robot competition took place this year in Hefei, China with 175 teams from 47 countries entered.
Xu); Anhui Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Hefei, China (S.
During his stay in USA Yasin participated in two international conferences: the Phytotechnologies conference in Syracuse NY (USA) and International Selenium conference in Hefei, China.
Gu is currently serving a suspended death sentence in Hefei, China.
But the findings support the idea that "migraine does indeed affect cognitive function," write Kai Wang and colleagues at Anhui Medical Center in Hefei, China.
Mizuho Corporate Bank to open branch in Hefei, China
The manufacturing line for the ITER correction coils was inaugurated in Hefei, China on 28 April in the presence of leaders from the Chinese Domestic Agency for ITER, the Anhui Provincial Department of Science and Technology, the Institute of Plasma Physics Chinese Academy of Sciences (ASIPP), experts, and representatives of sub-suppliers.
O'Connor was recently picked to participate in an exchange program with a school in Hefei, China.
Investments will also be made to expand the capability of the Hefei, China, plant to supply home and personal care products to global customers located in the Shanghai region.
ALI CARTER captured only the second title of his 12 year professional career with a 5-3 victory over Hong Kong's Marco Fu in the final of the Huangshan Cup in Hefei, China, yesterday.