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also Ho·fei  (hŭ′fā′)
A city of east-central China west of Nanjing. It is the capital of Anhui province.


(ˈhʌˈfeɪ) or


(Placename) a city in SE China, capital of Anhui province: administrative and commercial centre in a rice- and cotton-growing region. Pop: 1 320 000 (2005 est)



also Hofei

the capital of Anhui province, in E China. 1,000,000.
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UMC has announced the Xiamen fab, a trilateral partnership between UMC, Xiamen Municipal Government and Fujian Electronics and Information Group, will be ready to go online by the end of next year, while Powerchip in collaboration with the Hefei city government of China's Anhui province expects volume production at the JV fab in Hefei to start by October 2017.
Limited ("Yazheng"), has received a contract for an automatic control project at a sewage water treatment facility in Hefei City China.
Huishang Bank, a commercial lender based in China's eastern Hefei City, is looking to raise as much as $1.
However, to allow more consumers in a broader area to use the product, Merries Shun Shuang Tou Qi is now being produced at a new plant in Hefei City, Anhui Province, China.
Chery Automobile, a China-based automaker, is establishing a joint venture with the China-Africa Development Fund, which will be known as the Chery Overseas Industrial Investment Co Ltd, according to a contract signed in Hefei city.
Cheng Uei's Apple retail chain store, Studio A, is an official reseller for Apple's products, which now owns 30 outlets in Taiwan, two in Hong Kong, and one in Nanking and Hefei City, China, each.
Fu Jie, director of the corpse reception station at Anhui Medical University in Hefei City in east China's Anhui Province, observed that many Chinese people, especially those living in the countryside, still cling to the traditional practice of ground burial and are against the notion of donating bodies.
I thought 120 yuan would be a fair price for a pair of shoes priced 150 yuan at an online store," Wang Huan, a 25-year-old white-collar worker in Hefei City in east China's Anhui Province, said.
The MU 5444 flight, an MD90 model, took off from Baoan Airport in southern China's Shenzhen City on Wednesday and was scheduled to arrive at Luo Gang Airport in Anhui's Hefei city at around 9:40 p.
Wang Tingjin is the third dissident Chinese authorities have jailed administratively in the last three weeks, following the reform-through-education punishments of Shanghai's Yang Qinheng and Shen Liangqing from Hefei city, the information center said.
The Hefei city expansion is just one example of the PRC government's ongoing efforts to accommodate the massive urbanization movement in China.
Hefei City is the capital of Anhui Province, which is situated in the west of the Yangtze Delta region.