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n.1.A hedge.
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Statoil appointed Hans Jacob Hegge as chief financial officer, moving Torgrim Reitan to head the firm's US business, where the contract of the previous chief, Bill Maloney, was not renewed.
Community Creatives: Ben Lovejoy, Jonah Sanders, Vincent Sebastian Taschetti, Marcela Fajardo, Ross Cauvel, Stephen Reidell, Colleen Hickman, Ilana Zatkowsky, Joshua Squires, Elysia Yeager, Jake Sullivan, Leslie Bartley, Elizabeth Beasley, Matthew Hegge, Scott Burns, Arjun Krishnan, Frank Lin, Nikki Lott, Michael Collado, Jeff Wasiluk, Karan Bhatia, Erik Tieze, Will Patterson, Greg Le Duc, Mark Sargent, Graham Rosso, Leon Orsmund, Shiraz Gani, David Horne, Stefano Boscutti, Frank Coehlo, Louisa McClure, Mary Logue, Sarah O'Grady, Brock Johnson, Tyler Bailey, Jerry Stoner, Trudy Lunden, Kevin Baldwin, Mary Click, Don Stephenson, Adam Pierno, Lacey Ellis, Lizzy Pollott, Brad Hager, David Pinto, Justin Oberman, Karen Hart, Nigel Corbett, Ben Hamza, Stephen Benfey, Bastiaan Bless, Sam Wilkes
1: Ryan Bishop, the director of operations at Professional Global Exchange; Zack Hegge, owner of Fresh Directions; and Jonathan Price, an associate at gLAs Architects.
Alluding to the death of Odin by the shape of a Christian church building--the church in Hegge, at the top of a stave, actually has a depiction of Odin's head as he is being strangled by the rope--makes the Germanic religion serve as a re-contextualization for the Christian mystery.
Curtis Hegge, coach of Universal American School, which has a good presence of Emirati boys in the team, said: "It improves our level.
It is our position that this is a community airport and that it should support the community and it is not always about money, money, money," said Tom Hegge, president of the Reno-Tahoe Aviation Association.
I was asked by the Headmistress Miss Hegge if I would go to Rhyl with the children and teachers from the local school.
Van DER Hegge Zijnen confirmed this work [De Nevers 1970].
According to Hegge, there was a 26% decline in the number of students enrolled in LPN programs of study and a 6.
Debra Bryant of Caribou, ME, Joyce Hegge of Alamogordo, NM, Diane Bonder of Lantana, TX.
Paul Hegge, a director of Voka Chamber of Commerce in Brussels, says he would like to "swap brains" with the North-East.
Reeves DL, Winter K, LaCour S, Raynsford K, Kay G, Elsmore T, Hegge FW.