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Noun1.Martin Heidegger - German philosopher whose views on human existence in a world of objects and on Angst influenced the existential philosophers (1889-1976)
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Twenty-two authors examine questions raised by the actions of the series anti-hero, Walter White, a chemistry teacher turned meth cook, referencing the writings of Machiavelli, Nietzsche, Heidigger, Hobbes, and Satre, among others.
The philosophic ancestors he gives Pullman--Spinoza, Hegel, Heidigger, Deleuze--don't include the Epicureans.
In this work the symbolic use of Stewart's commodification of taste, executed through Welch's published statement as well as the surreptitious placement of the paint chips into the negative space, achieves what Welch states, citing Tony Hepburn and Martin Heidigger, is the highest aim of art and art crticism: to raise good questions.