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The pipe running from the lower part of the balloon runs into this cylindrical receptacle through the lower plate; it penetrates the latter and then takes the form of a helicoidal or screw-shaped spiral, the rings of which, rising one over the other, occupy nearly the whole of the height of the tank.
The spherical cap of the small cone is of platinum, so as not to melt by the action of the cylinder and blow-pipe, for the latter are placed upon the bottom of the iron tank in the midst of the helicoidal spiral, and the extremity of their flame will slightly touch the cap in question.
Soliman, "An Investigation and Comparative Study of the Pressure Drop in Air-Water Two-Phase Flow in Vertical Helicoidal Pipes," Int.
Es una enfermedad causada por una espiroqueta, el Treponema pallidum, tipo de bacteria de forma helicoidal que se disemina por el organismo y puede infectar a casi cualquier organo.
No se reanudo sino 30 anos despues cuando comenzaron a ser develados los mecanismos subyacentes a la replicacion del acido desoxirribonucleico (ADN), hecho donde el trabajo de James Watson (el mismo que describio la estructura doble helicoidal del ADN) revistio una singular importancia.
En el primer dia postoperatorio (10/septiembre/2004) se practico angioTAC helicoidal abdomino-pelvico con contraste venoso.
Esta estructura helicoidal del ADN permite la transmision de informacion genetica, tanto de organismos microscopicos como macroscopicos.
Three phenomena are commonly discussed: 1) draw resonance (DR), characterized by a periodic oscillation of the bubble diameter, 2) helicoidal instability, characterized by a helicoidal motion of bubble around its axial direction and 3) FLH instability, characterized by variation in the location of FLH.
A range of precision ground round racks, with accurate helicoidal tooth forms, is available in hardened round bearing shafting and 316 stainless steel tube.
Los elementos de vaso tienen pared secundaria anular y helicoidal con placa de perforacion simple.
El unico flagelo se localiza cerca de la parte anterior de la zoospora y tiene forma helicoidal (Hibberd & Norris, 1984; Ishida et al.