Helix aspersa

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Noun1.Helix aspersa - serious garden pest having a brown shell with paler zigzag markings; nearly cosmopolitan in distribution
genus Helix, Helix - type genus of the family Helicidae
garden snail - any of several inedible snails of the genus Helix; often destructive pests
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It's now known that this is due to Helix Aspersa Muller, a substance snails produce to regenerate their own shells and skin.
Helix aspersa was also considered as a bioindicator for atmospheric pollution with heavy metals from several industries and vehicular traffic [11].
The blurb accompanying the little chaps explained how the farmed snails are Helix Aspersa, a non-foraging cousin of the edible garden snail, and as such they are fed cereal and showered daily in a relatively enclosed space, without having to leg it round the garden trying to find them.
9 [micro]moles/g wet weight) in extracts of cerebral ganglia of the adult common garden snail Helix aspersa, and in later investigations, GABA was also shown to be present in cerebral ganglia extracts of the East African land snail Achatina fulica (Takeuchi et al.
They were mainly garden snails called Helix Aspersa, which were introduced by the Romans.
After coming up with the idea of eating snails - her species of choice is the garden snail or Helix aspersa - Oriole turned to the internet for advice on cooking them safely.
Specimens of the land snail Helix aspersa were caged in five sites in the urban area of Ancona, Italy.
5% for all specimens from both locations is well within the range expected for genetic variation within a single species (Quicke 1993) and compares with similar results in populations of Helix aspersa by Selan der & Kaufman (1975) and Helicina orbiculata by Strenth & Littleton (2000).
The researchers took extracts of the glands that make the mucus in Helix aspersa and applied them to the female genitalia of the hermaphroditic snails.
Right now, he's got a thousand or so head of Helix aspersa - European brown garden snails.
Among the species of snail Helix aspersa is used, the preference of this species is mainly due to its worldwide distribution, reflecting the ability to adapt to habitats, soil and varied climates and its ease of breeding [19].
While our cousins across the Channel and indeed the wise old Romans before them consider the likes of the Helix aspersa (small grey snail) or Helix pomatia (Roman snail) to be a delicacy as either an appetiser or entree we still tend to treat them as garden pests which leave a trail of icky ooze behind them.