hell week

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hell′ week`

the week of hazing before initiation into a college fraternity or sorority.
[1925–30, Amer.]
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SPECIAL FORCES - ULTIMATE HELL WEEK BBC2, 9pm Presented by cricketing legend Andrew 'Freddie' Flintoff, Special Forces: Are You Tough Enough sees some of the UK's fittest men and women putting themselves through the gruelling tests used by the Navy Seals and SAS in a bid to see who is the toughest recruit.
He hosts Special Forces: Ultimate Hell Week, in which 29 contestants are put through SAS and Navy Seal tasks to find Britain's toughest recruit.
Special Forces - Ultimate Hell Week BBC Two, 9pm Have you got what it takes to make it through some of the world's toughest military training regimes?
He went from spreading the word about his faith's heavenly virtues to enduring hell week.
Hell week is the one where we lose our job, or our unemployment runs out.
The third week, aka Hell Week, lived up to its title.
Smith: Hailed his Dee players after hell week Forsyth's saga: Ross levelled for the Binos No Leigh way: Griffiths is mobbed after giving Dundee a second-half lead but the Dens men couldn't hold out and had to settle for a point at the end of an emotional week
The alcohol ban was about players looking after their bodies, then after Hell Week we could ease off and start building again.
In a particularly vivid scene at the end of Hell Week, an officer known for his ability to rattle off classical poetry stands high up on the diving platform while the rest of the class engages in a violent melee below.
Throughout Hell Week, BUD/S instructors continually remind candidates that they can "Drop-On Request" (DOR) any time they feel they can't go on by simply ringing a shiny brass bell that hangs prominently within the camp for all to see.
This is the latest evolution in a growing relationship between ESPN and DICK'S Sporting Goods, which also includes sponsorship of ESPN's Champ Week coverage for college basketball, and content collaborations such as Hell Week, an original documentary produced by DICK'S Sporting Goods Films in association with ESPN, which aired on ESPN2 and ESPNU earlier this year.