Hell´-cat `

n.1.A witch; a hag.
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But that's because ye don't gawm the sorrowin'mother was a hell-cat that hated him because he was acrewk'd, a regular lamiter he was, an' he hated her so that he committed suicide in order that she mightn't get an insurance she put on his life.
But she lives in a world of her own making and all that her reincarnations have in common - the flat-chested teenager, the WAG with Love Rat footballers, the jungle queen finding her prince Peter Andre, the hard faced hell-cat dealing with divorce - is that their puppet-master was Katie Price.
The two Boleyn sisters, docile beauty Mary (Scarlett Johansson) and hell-cat sister Anne (Natalie Portman), vie for the attentions of Henry (Eric Bana).
Bette was the screaming, spitting hell-cat whereas Joan was the exotic cobra, whose sibilant venom could be deadly.
In one scene, a character called Hell-Cat Maggie comes into the Satan's Circus Bar and pays for a drink with the ear she bit off a victim.
BY NIGHT after downing double vodkas Carr would don scarlet lipstick, push-up bras and stiletto heels and claw at her lovers like a tattooed hell-cat.
The hell-cat hatch has already caused quite a sensation since its arrival late last year.
After losing his wife (Cate Blanchett in hell-cat mode) and his parents, Quoyle, his daughter and aunt (Judi Dench) go home to weatherbeaten Newfoundland to lay a few ghosts to rest.
FORMER Baywatch beauty Gena Lee Nolin is swapping her red swimsuit for a sexy loincloth in a new TV role - as a jungle hell-cat with superhuman powers.