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Noun1.Helleborus - a genus of HelleborusHelleborus - a genus of Helleborus    
magnoliid dicot genus - genus of dicotyledonous flowering plants regarded as among the most primitive of extant angiosperms
hellebore - any plant of the Eurasian genus Helleborus
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Helleborus Niger (Christmas Rose) APTLY named for its ability to flower even in the depths of winter, the Christmas rose is a pretty white flower that can tolerate the severest of cold.
Known as lenten roses, helleborus x hybridus are easy to grow and relatively care-free plants that thrive in dappled shade providing that you avoid poor, dry, peaty soils and waterlogged conditions.
Commonly known as the Christmas rose, Helleborus niger is a winter-flowering perennial that is perfect for adding interest to the garden when little else is on show.
Evergreen perennials work hard for you in the winter months and Helleborus Winter Bells is flowering now in my garden and will continue well into the spring.
All the rage in Victorian gardens as an embellishment to shrubbery, helleborus x hybridus fell out of fashion.
Celandines The deep blue |of pulmonarias, pictured, helps yellow-floured helleborus x hybridus glow more brightly Protecting.
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Helleborus niger - the Christmas rose - is usually the first of the hellebores to come into bloom.
STRIKING Left, the pink bowl-shaped type, above, a potted niger in white, and right, some Helleborus seedlings
It is made up of some of the most luxurious flowers and leaves in the world such as Helleborus, blue Hedera berries and Blueberry stems.
Plants with fleshy roots - Astilbe, Helleborus, and Hostas - can be cut into portions with a knife or spade, provided each piece has at least one bud or crown of leaves.