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 (hĕl′ēn′) also Hel·le·ni·an (hĕ-lē′nē-ən)
A Greek.

[Greek Hellēn.]


(ˈhɛliːn) or


(Peoples) another name for a Greek



1. of or pertaining to Greece, the Greeks, or their language.
2. pertaining to the Greek Orthodox Church.
3. a native or inhabitant of Greece.
4. the Indo-European language of the Greeks. Abbr.: Gk
5. Informal. anything unintelligible, as speech, writing, etc.: This contract is Greek to me.
6. a member of the Greek Orthodox Church.
7. a person who belongs to a Greek-letter fraternity or sorority.
[before 900; Middle English; Old English Grēcas (pl.) < Latin Graecī the Greeks (nominative pl. of Graecus) < Greek Graikoí, pl. of Graikós Greek]
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Noun1.Hellene - a native or inhabitant of Greece
Ellas, Greece, Hellenic Republic - a republic in southeastern Europe on the southern part of the Balkan peninsula; known for grapes and olives and olive oil
European - a native or inhabitant of Europe
Achaean, Achaian - a member of one of four linguistic divisions of the prehistoric Greeks
Aeolian, Eolian - a member of one of four linguistic divisions of the prehistoric Greeks
Dorian - a member of one of four linguistic divisions of the prehistoric Greeks
Ionian - a member of one of four linguistic divisions of the prehistoric Greeks
Athenian - a resident of Athens
Corinthian - a resident of Corinth
Laconian - a resident of Laconia
Lesbian - a resident of Lesbos
Spartan - a resident of Sparta
Arcadian - an inhabitant of Arcadia
Theban - a Greek inhabitant of ancient Thebes
Argive - a native or inhabitant of the city of Argos
Ephesian - a resident of the ancient Greek city of Ephesus
Mycenaen - a native or inhabitant of ancient Mycenae
Thessalian - a native or inhabitant of Thessaly
Thessalonian - a native or inhabitant of Thessalonica


[ˈheliːn] Nheleno/a m/f
References in classic literature ?
And he has taught you the habit of answering questions in a grand and bold style, which becomes those who know, and is the style in which he himself answers all comers; and any Hellene who likes may ask him anything.
Then no Hellene should be owned by them as a slave; that is a rule which they will observe and advise the other Hellenes to observe.
Do you think it right that Hellenes should enslave Hellenic States, or allow others to enslave them, if they can help?
Neither shall we offer up arms at the temples of the gods, least of all the arms of Hellenes, if we care to maintain good feeling with other Hellenes; and, indeed, we have reason to fear that the offering of spoils taken from kinsmen may be a pollution unless commanded by the god himself?
And therefore when Hellenes fight with barbarians and barbarians with Hellenes, they will be described by us as being at war when they fight, and by nature enemies, and this kind of antagonism should be called war; but when Hellenes fight with one another we shall say that Hellas is then in a state of disorder and discord, they being by nature friends and such enmity is to be called discord.
And as they are Hellenes themselves they will not devastate Hellas, nor will they burn houses, not even suppose that the whole population of a city--men, women, and children--are equally their enemies, for they know that the guilt of war is always confined to a few persons and that the many are their friends.
I agree, he said, that our citizens should thus deal with their Hellenic enemies; and with barbarians as the Hellenes now deal with one another.
Then let us enact this law also for our guardians:-that they are neither to devastate the lands of Hellenes nor to burn their houses.
1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- On December 3, 2015 a musicologist Hellene Hiner, is launching a crowdfunding campaign.
beaucoup moins que] Nous sommes determines a ne pas chercher l'affrontement avec l'Europe mais a nous en prendre aux mentalites qui ont enfonce la Grece et l'euro zone avec elles [beaucoup plus grand que], precise le chef du gouvernement hellene, plaidant pour [beaucoup moins que] une restructuration de la dette du pays [beaucoup plus grand que] et une levee de tabou sur cette dette.
Debbie Wesson: Such a brave youmg man who will never be forgotten for his bravery and what he achieved Hellene Lightwood: RIP Stephen.
A titre d'encouragement et de recompense, le jury des films d'animation compose de Vincent Gilot, producteur de film d'animation a Bruxelle (president), Mehdi Anasi (Digital Artist) et Younes Mouslih, animateur 3Det Graphic (Membres) a decerne les prix suivants: 1er prix : [beaucoup moins que]Floating in My Mind[beaucoup plus grand que] de Hellene Leroux de l'Ecole GOBLINS (France ).