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adv.1.According to the Hellenistic manner or dialect.
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They apply the practice, obviously not as political players on the field, but in the act of traveling and writing: by traveling in the footsteps of Alexander the Great (see Decock 69, 132, 137, 234) and by writing with a loving affection about these Hellenistically connoted places.
Yet the model would benefit from a broader treatment of biblically and Hellenistically grounded notions of utopia, such as that presented by Steven Schweizer (Reading Utopia in Chronicles [2007; also online]).
16) Having denied the possibility that Christian faith assimilated and transformed certain Greek ideas in service to the faith, Harnack can only conclude that the council of Nicea was the triumph of the priests over the people, that is, of a Hellenistically educated clergy over an allegedly simple and uncomplicated faith.