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Noun1.Helvetica - a typeface in which characters have no serifs
font, fount, typeface, face, case - a specific size and style of type within a type family
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The "Bravo" star assigned Charter for EJ Jansen, Perpetua Titling for Nico Scholly, Tw Cent MT for Bruno Duarte, Apple Chancery for Matt Burns, Baskerville for Baker Manning, Monotype Corsiva for Brianna Adekeye, Helvetica Neue Bold for Chris Brown and Chalkduster for Kyle Dixon.
bronze plaque shall be 22" x 24", in relief, 1/2" minimum thickness; hollow back / raised lettering, border, and portrait, portrait: relief portrait 13in x 14in / vignette edge (frame-less style), lettering: 74 words / 436 characters (includes 2 glyphs), fonts: helvetica neue and friz quadrata, background: texture-stipple / color-antique dark oxide, border: double border mounting: blind mount (no holes).
There is also a greater focus on animation during transitions, as well as a font change to Helvetica Neue.