a.1.Skillful; dexterous; clever.
2.Friendly; civil; gentle; kind.
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Hungary's defence minister, Hende Csaba, resigned because the armed forces were being too slow in building a border fence to keep out refugees and migrants.
Hungary's defence minister Hende Csaba resigned yesterday after it was reported that right-wing prime minister Viktor Orban felt the fence was being built too slowly.
BUDAPEST, Hungary, , Dhu-AlQa'dah 23, 1436, September 07, 2015, SPA -- Hungary's Defense Minister Csaba Hende became one of the first political casualties of the Syrian refugee crisis on Monday, according to UPI.
A new NATO 3D radar became operational Wednesday morning at Medina in southern Hungary, the country's Defense Minister Csaba Hende announced.
The reason for the move has not been revealed and the owner of the facility, based at Hende Uchaf Farm in the village, declined to comment when the Daily Post contacted her.
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A particular term must conform to the requirements of a particular poetic line (see Honegger 2005), and this may account for some of the variability, but the nominal terms that are not his name, beau sir, hende 'courteous, gracious (one)', and knyzt, indicate how she frames him.
Hagel recognised Hungary's long-standing contributions in Afghanistan, notably its Special Operations Forces support, as well as the Hungarian military's force protection mission at Kabul International Airport," Little said in a statement after Hagel's meeting with Hungary's Minister of Defense, Csaba Hende.
Meeting just to talk is useless," said protester Hende Khattav, a Syrian who has lived in Paris for 37 years.
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