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A city of southeast Nevada southeast of Las Vegas, founded in 1942.


(Biography) Arthur. 1863–1935, British Labour politician. As foreign secretary (1929–31) he supported the League of Nations and international disarmament; Nobel peace prize 1934


(ˈhɛn dər sən)

a city in SE Nevada, near Las Vegas. 122,339.
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Will Henderson has spoken to me three times concerning the matter.
Miss Henderson was a newcomer, and it was some time before rumor made her out; but finally it transpired that she was a kept woman, the former mistress of the superintendent of a department in the same building.
Coming to school the Henderson boys had come across the new deef and dummy and told the rest; so all the scholars was chuck full of him and couldn't talk about anything else, and was in a sweat to get a sight of him because they hadn't ever seen a deef and dummy in their lives, and it made a powerful excitement.
That sobered him a little; and when he saw Henderson, the London journalist, in his garden, he called over the palings and made himself understood.
Henderson went into the railway station at once, in order to telegraph the news to London.
Olaf Henderson and French Louis, partners together on Bone Creek, were the two largest men in the country, and though they were but half a head taller than the newcomer, between them he was dwarfed completely.
Dot iss goot," Olaf Henderson muttered, regarding the gambler with profound admiration.
And so Michael was ultimately sold to one Jacob Henderson for two thousand dollars.
Not once did Henderson raise his voice sharply to Michael, and not once did Michael snarl a warning at him.
One of the hunters, a tall, loose-jointed chap named Henderson, was going aft at the time from the steerage (the name the hunters facetiously gave their midships sleeping quarters) to the cabin.
The master is awake," Henderson, the butler, remarked, dropping his voice a little.
I wanted particularly to do something for the Hendersons.