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(Biography) died ?488 ad, a leader, with his brother Horsa, of the first Jutish settlers in Britain; he is thought to have conquered Kent (?455)


or Hen•gest

(ˈhɛŋ gɪst, ˈhɛn dʒɪst)

died A.D. 488?, chief of the Jutes: with his brother Horsa led invasion of S Britain c440.
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pious gastronome, Hengist Pelly, "God has been pleased to reward the
It supplies the names of the earliest Saxon leaders, Hengist and Horsa (who also figure in the 'Anglo-Saxon Chronicle'), and narrates at length their treacherous dealings with Vortigern.
David Mulligan, 26, of Hengist Street, Gorton, was allegedly asked to help set up the 'bash house' in Rhyl, where the drugs would be prepared for sale.
The London was blacked out for six hours and Sealink ferry Hengist was blown aground on the beach at Folkestone.
The first group, performed from 1603 through the early 1620s--Sejanus, Bonduca, Two Noble Kinsmen, The Faithful Friends, Hengist King of Kent, and The Mad Lover--all follow Sejanus with some variation.
44) Years later, in a letter to Richard Hengist Home, literary critic and the author of Orion (1843), she expressed her ongoing investment in ballads thus: "You know how I care for ballads-they carry so much .
While, according to legend, the Saxons conquered the Welsh due to the Treachery of the Long Knives, rather than a naval invasion per se, the fact remains that Hengist and Horsa (mythological twin founders of the first Anglo-Saxon kingdoms) are imagined to have come, originally, from Saxony, and to have settled, per Vortigem's concession, on the Isle of Thanet, at that point off the coast of Great Britain proper.
He dedicates his special attention to the history of King Arthur: "On the decease of Utherpendragon, he [Geoffrey] makes his son Arthur succeed to the kingdom of Britain the fourth in succession from Vortigern, in like manner as our Bede places Ethelberht, the patron of Augustine, fourth from Hengist in the government of the Angles.
Hengist, King of Kent exists in two manuscript versions (with minor variants between them) (59) and in a 1661 quarto titled The Mayor of Queenborough.
He starred in 17 Carry On movies playing characters like Hengist Pod in Carry On Cleo and PC Charlie Constable in Carry On Constable.
Jefferson proposed, the children of Israel in the wilderness led by a cloud by day, and a pillar by night--and on the other side, Hengist and Horsa, the Saxon chiefs, from whom we claim the honor of being descended, and whose political principles and form of government we have assumed.
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