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(Placename) a city in SE central China, in Hunan province on the Xiang River. Pop: 853 000 (2005 est)



a city in E central Hunan province, in E China. 487,148. Formerly, Heng•chow (ˈhœŋˈdʒoʊ)
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Earlier this year, Hengyang Telecom, a unit of Hunan Telecom, launched a successful pilot operation for the Teradata CMS.
Valin Group is a large-sized enterprise set up by three steelmakers in Hunan province in 1997 Xiangtan Iron & Steel, Lianyuan Iron & Steel, and Hengyang Steel Tube, currently with 57,000 employees including 12,000 technical staff.
The companies profiled in this report include Shandong Aluminum, Sanfeng Group, Zibo Dazhong Edible Chemical, Guangzheng Aluminum, Hengyang Jianheng Industry, Zibo Landing Chemical, Hebei Xinyue Aluminum Sulfate and Hangzhou Yunhe Aluminum Sulfate.
In order to establish key market indicators for China's rice industry, CCM carries out a survey concerning rice planting in Hunan Province's Changde, Yueyang and Hengyang since Dec.
The company noted in the application that as Diaoyu Island and nearby islets are at the same latitude as Hengyang, the main producing region for tea oil in China, and substrates such as vermiculite, pearlite and rock wool on Diaoyu Island are ideal for conducting soilless culture high-tech trials, the company has publicly announced its application to lease the islands for breeding tea oil tree seedlings and plans to develop the islands into a leading production facility for the seedlings.
A Hengyang city government spokesman said the weather was very foggy at the time.
The blast occurred at Hengyang Asitaike Anticorrosive Equipment Co.
Major Companies included in this research are Flexsys, Katanga, Shepherd Chemical, Molycorp, Ge, Dow, Lanxess, Kemira, Toray, Arkema, Prism Sulphur Corporation, Dupont, Cristal, Huntsman, Sachtleben Chemie Gmbh, China National Bluestar, Cangwu Shenglv Chemical Industry And Trading Company, Jinan Kunfeng Chemical, A Global Diversified Chemical Company, Zouping Jinxing Chemical, Qingdao Xinyong Chemical, Hengyang Cnsg Tianyou Chemical, Jinpu Group, Xian Lanzhiguang Fine Material, Henan Mebo Environmental Protection Technology And Lvyuan Polymeric Ferric Sulfate Plant.
According to Xinhua one worker is still trapped in the Xialiuchong Coal Mine in Hengyang city.
Steel, NSSMC, JFE, TPCO, Baogang Group, Hengyang Valin, CSST, Baosteel, Anhui Tianda, Zhenda Steel, XINYEGANG STEEL, Ansteel, Tonggang Panshi and Chang bao Steel.
Hengyang is a leading logistics service provider primarily engaged in the storage and transportation of liquid petrochemicals in China.