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1. The application of henna paste in intricate designs to decorate the body, often for wedding celebrations and other festive occasions in South Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa.
2. Decoration on the body made by mehndi.

[Hindi meṃhdī and Urdu menhdī, henna; akin to late Sanskrit mendhī, mendhīkā, of unknown origin.]


1. (Art Terms) (esp in India) the practice of painting designs on the hands, feet, etc using henna
2. (Hairdressing & Grooming) (esp in India) the practice of painting designs on the hands, feet, etc using henna
[C20: from Hindi]


(ˈmɛn di)
1. the art or practice of painting elaborate patterns on the skin with henna.
2. a design or designs so made.
[1995–2000; < Hindi < Skt mendī the henna plant]
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We did a bit of a coverup on a Maori-style tribal tattoo on her hand - now it looks more like a henna tattoo.
About two-thirds of dermatologists surveyed had seen an increase in patients with reactions to hair dyes, many of whom have previously had the temporary black henna tattoo.
However, just because a henna tattoo is temporary that doesn't mean it is risk free.
Estate agent Julie McCabe, 38, went into a coma in October 2011 after she suffered a massive allergic reaction to a chemical in her L'Oreal dye, which increased after she got a black henna tattoo in Dubai four years earlier.
uk Rawthorpe youngster Ethan Crosland's agony after henna tattoo he had on family holiday to Egypt comes out in severe blisters when he gets back home There are different types of henna and it looks like they used black henna which burns the skin.
She said she earlier got a henna tattoo done in the Philippines but it did not lead to any such problem.
Visitors can also try the henna tattoo art during the fair.
Sweets and traditional Arabic sweets are being offered at the tents along with henna tattoo hand paint for women.
TOXIC henna tattoo kits were seized in North East raids.
HENNA tattoo kits seized on Tyneside contained a toxic hair dye which could cause permanent scarring or organ damage, tests have found.
Other adverse reactions include a girl reportedly having scars on her back after a black henna tattoo was applied there despite the fact that she had red henna tattoos before and never had a negative reaction.
So why has Camilla chosen to have a henna tattoo on her finger weeks before the do?