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Noun1.Henri Rousseau - French primitive painter (1844-1910)Henri Rousseau - French primitive painter (1844-1910)
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Featuring 89 paintings, sculptures and drawings by French masters including Nicolas Poussin, Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, Claude Monet and Henri Rousseau, this exhibition offers an opportunity to sense how the Russians in the 18th and 19th centuries appreciated French culture, as well as to see quintessential French art from that time.
The following paintings are being exhibited in Novosibirsk: The Annunciation by Sandro Botticelli, Virgin and Child by Lucas Cranach the Elder, The Attributes of Painting and Sculpture by Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin, Horse Attacked by a Jaguar by Henri Rousseau, Are You Jealous?
Henri Rousseau, Odilon Redon, Maggie Hambling, Georgia O'Keefe, Berthe Morisot, Paula Rego, Gwen John, Frida Kahlo, David Hockney all spring to mind but I think I will always adore John Piper.
The most famous local is artist Henri Rousseau, known for his bold, childlike canvasses of jungle scenes and wild animals.
No one thought Henri Rousseau could paint, but that didn't stop him
Tiger and Stag (1970), for example, clearly nods to both Indian miniatures and Henri Rousseau, but the image of the animals was in fact taken from the wrapping of a firecracker.
Hoy sabemos reconocer, mas alla de tantas pullas que acribillaron a su autor incluso despues de muerto, el valor tanto esencial como revolucionario de la obra de Henri Rousseau.
Many other paternal figures loom large in three works from 1996--Snail on the Shoulder (In Memory of Prabhakar Barwe) nods to a Mumbai artist; Magritte accompanies Dodiya and Khakhar in Three Painters; while Henri Rousseau is one of the protagonists of Douanier--My Father's Moustache & Other Stories.
She said as a child she loved the works of Henri Rousseau, and was delighted to see them in the Tate after moving to the UK for her husband's job in 2001, and his influence can be seen in the attention to nature and detail in small watercolours such as Green Bird Table and Fish Love, where people care for the animals, and vegetation and colour fill the background.
The murals were inspired by the jungle scenes of 19th century artist Henri Rousseau.
McEwen meets and matches the fantasy by creating an Henri Rousseau exotic dreamscape hopping and humming with life, for young viewers to explore.