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Noun1.Henri Rousseau - French primitive painter (1844-1910)Henri Rousseau - French primitive painter (1844-1910)
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Since the group of paintings Barnes assiduously assembled is now estimated to be worth $25 billion and features no less than 181 examples of work by Renoir, 69 by Cezanne, 59 by Matisse, 46 by Picasso, 21 by Soutine, 18 by Henri Rousseau, 16 by Modigliani, 11 by Degas, seven by Van Gogh and six by Seurat, it is easy to understand why his terms might be judged both stringent and eccentric.
Thinking along the lines of an Henri Rousseau jungle landscape, Geras-Carson transports "Flute" from its traditionally Orientalist setting, somewhere in a fanciful Egypt, to a lush locale that might be Meso-American.
n EXOTIC jungle paintings by Henri Rousseau are showing at Tate Modern in London, until February 5.
The exotic jungle scenes of Henri Rousseau can be an inspiration for students to create their own mixed-media compositions.
Henri's Dance Club takes its theme from the exotic jungle paintings of Henri Rousseau.
Based on Sappington's imaginative interpretation of five Henri Rousseau jungle paintings, this twenty-six minute ballet features a commissioned score by Paul Schwartz, hand-painted costumes by former Joffrey Ballet dancer Christian Holder, and G.
In addition to the paintings by Picasso, innovations of the early 20th century are illustrated in works by Henri Rousseau, Pierre Bonnard, Wassily Kandinsky, Juan Gris, Fernand Leger, Piet Mondrian, and Vanessa Bell.
THE FANTASTIC JUNGLES OF HENRI ROUSSEAU (2012; $17), Michelle Markel (Author) Amanda Hall (Illustrator).
The National Gallery receives a group of major Impressionist and Post-Impressionist works (see page 71) and only the second painting by Henri Rousseau to enter its collection.
The natural world - a romantic jungle straight from the eye of French romantic painter Henri Rousseau - will literally frame the stage in a lush faux proscenium arch.
17 FRANCE Pioneering Modern Musee d'Orsay, Paris through May 28 Painting: Cezanne and Pissarro 1865-1885 Henri Rousseau Galeries Nationales du Grand through June 19 Palais, Paris David Smith Centre Pompidou, Paris June 14-Aug.
EXHIBITIONS at Tate Modern in London include Jeff Wall: Photographs, Henri Rousseau and the Turner Prize.