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Noun1.Henry Fielding - English novelist and dramatist (1707-1754)Henry Fielding - English novelist and dramatist (1707-1754)
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But the delivery of the evening post broke in upon the periods of Henry Fielding, and Katharine found that her letters needed all her attention.
Henry Fielding, of the graceful and fantastic Monsieur Crebillon the younger, whom our immortal poet Gray so much admired, and of the universal Monsieur de Voltaire.
London's first professional policemen, the Bow Street Runners, founded in 1749 by Westminster magistrate Henry Fielding , served writs and arrested criminals and would have carried tipstaves and truncheons, but the former were superseded in 1829, when a Bill introduced by Sir Robert Peel, the Home Secretary in Lord Liverpool's Tory Cabinet, established the Metropolitan Police Force.
calls Fielding 'Fieldman', but this was a real historical figure, either the novelist Henry Fielding or his brother John, founders of the Bow Street Runners, London's earliest police force, which dates the action to sometime after 1749.
Founded in 1749 by the author Henry Fielding and actually called the Bow Street group - they considered the 'runners' tag derogatory - they are described as London's first professional police force.
My favourite quote was from Henry Fielding, author of the novel Tom Jones.
He later became known by his stage name Tom Jones, which was given to him by his long-time manager Gordon Mills because Jones was Tom's mother's maiden name - also after the novel by Henry Fielding.
History Of Tom Jones by Henry Fielding (1749) - 1,700 pounds
A few years ago, an excellent but short-lived dramatic series called City of Vice appeared on Britain's Channel Four Television, focused upon the creation and work of the "Bow Street Runners," the crime squad created in 1750 by the playwright, novelist, and Westminster magistrate Henry Fielding and carried on after his death by his blind half-brother, Sir John Fielding.
The editor of this volume has previously published a monograph on Henry Fielding (Honest Sins: Georgian Libertinism, 1999), edited Robert Rogers's 1766 tragedy about Pontiac, Ponteach, or the Savages of America (2010), and co-edited collections on Battlestar Gallactica (2007) and The Wire (2009).
While most entries tend to be on the short side, certain writers get separate chapters: Henry Fielding, Paul Bowles, Claude Levi-Strauss, Evelyn Waugh, and Samuel Johnson.