Henry Ford II

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Noun1.Henry Ford II - grandson of Henry Ford (1917-1987)
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a committed environmentalist who is the first family member to serve in the company leadership since the days of Henry Ford II.
Paul Getty and his sons, mortgage tycoon Howard Ahmanson, Murphy's good friend and Nixon's self-proclaimed "president's son-of-a-bitch" Bob Haldeman, Henry Ford II, billionaire Walter Annenberg, and dime-store tycoons Samuel and Rush Kress.
President Eisenhower spoke briefly, followed by Henry Ford II and physicists John Archibald Wheeler of Princeton University and Arthur Holly Compton of Washington University.
As a symbol of the company's celebrated past (in which it defeated Ferrari and swept the podium at Le Mans in 1966), the Ford GT40 represented the glorious culmination of a personal vendetta between Henry Ford II and Enzo Ferrari.
Overshadowed by his brother Henry Ford II, who ran the company from 1945 to 1980, William held numerous positions at Ford, including vice president/general manager of the Continental Division, and vice president of product design.
His son, Henry Ford II, had assumed control of Ford Motor Company in 1945.
When the Renaissance Center opened in 1977, Henry Ford II acknowledged that one of the key figures urging him to push for the development was New Detroit President Larry Doss.
The Mustang started life as a Ford Falcon-based four-seater for the youth market that Henry Ford II approved--with an impossibly tight budget ($40 million) and timeline (18 months)--to keep Lee Iacocca, Don Frey, and other members of the secret Fairlane Committee that midwifed the Mustang from badgering the board of directors.
Howard Hughes Investigator and Henry Ford II Professor at Yale University.
Henry Ford II, Robert Eaton, Lee Iacocca and John DeLorean.
As the author points out, the role of Henry Ford II was crucial in convincing President Johnson to sign on and then take an active role in defending it in Congress.
GO LIKE HELL: FORD, FERRARI AND THEIR BATTLE FOR SPEED AND GLORY AT LE MANS provides an outstanding, dramatic survey of the Ford Motor Company and how it was reinvented by Henry Ford II, Carroll Shelby and Lee Iacocca.