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Noun1.Henry James - writer who was born in the United States but lived in England (1843-1916)Henry James - writer who was born in the United States but lived in England (1843-1916)
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They appreciated or sneered at the morning editorials, jumped from labor conditions in New Zealand to Henry James and Brander Matthews, passed on to the German designs in the Far East and the economic aspect of the Yellow Peril, wrangled over the German elections and Bebel's last speech, and settled down to local politics, the latest plans and scandals in the union labor party administration, and the wires that were pulled to bring about the Coast Seamen's strike.
Yet here he was going about the country clipping small boys over the ear-hole, and flinging loaves of bread at bank-clerks as if he were Henry James or Marie Corelli.
Have you read a queer psychological story by Henry James, of two persons who so perpetually missed meeting each other by accident that they began to feel quite frightened of each other, and to think it was fate?
The theoretical basis for Henry James Goes to Paris consists of traditional literary (and biographical) history, psychology, and the kind of highly insightful and readable close readings which are the hallmark of Brooks's earlier books.
5") but in-depth study analyzes some of the correspondence between Henry James, a major fiction writer, and his brother William James, a pioneer of modern psychology and an expert in comparative religion.
Creepy stuff, based on the Henry James story The Turn of the Screw, as governess Deborah Kerr discovers that her latest job - caring for a pair of orphans - is going to take her into some very dark places.
The New York Edition of the Novels and Tales of Henry James.
BORN BRIAN Jones, rock musician, 1942, above MARIO Andretti, racing driver, 1940 BUGSY Siegel, US crime boss, 1906 DIED CHRIS Brasher, English athlete, 2003, above HENRY James, English author, 1916 PAUL Harvey, US radio personality, 2009
Cadets Jacob Cotton, Ewan Pakula, Kieran Eeles and Henry James spent four months training for the march.
To paraphrase Clover Adams' famous (and not entirely fair) put-down of Henry James, Greenfield had a tendency to chew more than she bit off.
Ivory, working with longtime screenwriting collaborator Ruth Prawer Jhabvala, has adapted Henry James for the screen before with 1979's ``The Europeans'' and ``The Bostonians'' in 1984.
Henry James was queer at least by temperament, but The Turn of the Screw is only a novella and not gay; and The Bostonians is antilesbian and unsatisfactory.