fatty liver

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Noun1.fatty liver - yellow discoloration as a result of the accumulation of certain fats (triglycerides) in the liver; can be caused by alcoholic cirrhosis or pregnancy or exposure to certain toxins
liver disease - a disease affecting the liver
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16) Hepatic lipidosis was also reported in 88% of pigeons treated with carprofen and was correlated to the duration of the treatment.
Effects of alternative dietary lipid sources (Soyacid oil and yellow grease) on growth and hepatic lipidosis of common carp (Cyprinus carpio) fingerling: A preliminary study.
Hepatic lipidosis is almost exclusively a malady of cats and remains the most common liver disease in this species.
Food can safely be withheld from dogs for some days, but this can lead to a serious condition called hepatic lipidosis in cats, so be more cautious with them.
High haptoglobin levels have been reported in the blood of cattle with mastitis, metritis, pyometra, traumatic reticulitis, abomasal displacement, traumatic pericarditis, bacterial nephritis, and hepatic lipidosis.
It is important for cats to lose weight gradually, as a rapid diet, especially if it includes fasting periods, can lead to a serious liver condition called hepatic lipidosis.
Diabetes mellitus is a common condition in dogs with many concurrent complications such as cataract, urinary tract infection, metabolic acidosis, nephropathy, neuropathy, hepatic lipidosis and liver failure (Munana, 1995).
1,2) However, an underlying hepatic disorder such as hepatic lipidosis, common in birds and cats, can increase the sensitivity of the liver to trauma and, subsequently, result in rupture of the livery