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Noun1.Herb Simon - United States economist and psychologist who pioneered in the development of cognitive science (1916-2001)
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The ACM's 50th Anniversary Honorary Committee 's luminaries include: Gene Amdahl, Amdahl Corporation; Bill Gates, Microsoft Corporation; Adele Goldberg, ParcPlace Systems; Steve Jobs,Pixar; Herb Simon, Nobel Prize Laureate; Ken Thompson, AT&T Bell Labs; and is Co-Chaired by Fran Allen, IBM Research, and Bill Joy, Sun Microsystems Inc.
Near Tacoma's West Fourth Street Bridge, Herb Simon and Ted Johnson, managing partners of Dock Street Associates, are renovating the Dock Building.
No one in Carnegie Mellon's history more heavily influenced the university's intellectual and scholarly approach or its academic culture as much as Herb Simon," said former university President Robert Mehrabian.
Tacoma business and community leader Herb Simon has been named to the boards of directors of Puget Energy (NYSE:PSD) and its wholly owned utility subsidiary, Puget Sound Energy, effective today.
Celebration of Dreams Sponsors include: Salvatore Ferragamo, Maryann and Chris Edgecomb, Suzanne and David Johnson, Tracy and Michael Bollag, Hollye and Jeff Jacobs, Debbie and Dan Kass, Arlene Montesano and Ursula Nesbitt, Holly and Bob Murphy, Betsey and John Moller, The Norris-Rocaberte Family Foundation, Bui and Herb Simon, Roxanna and Randall Solakian, Colleen and Michael Taylor, American Airlines, CKE Restaurants, Deckers Outdoor Corporation, Diani, Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians, and West Coast Asset Management.
The leadership skills revealed in our book," says Georges, "are based on research by Nobel Prize winner Herb Simon, on years of observing leaders in action in all walks of life, and on our own leadership experiences.
Melvin and Herb Simon entered the fledgling shopping center industry on the ground floor and climbed the stairs until they got to the penthouse.
Kirkus Reviews, 77-Year-Old Publishing Industry "Bible," Acquired by Herb Simon
David Simon, Chief Executive Officer of Simon Property Group, stated, "Since founding the Company more than 45 years ago, Mel and Herb Simon have led our industry and been the driving force behind our transformation from a local real estate concern to an international, industry-leading real estate company.
PHOTO : Mel (seated) and Herb Simon head Melvin Simon & Associates, which tops our Private 100