Johann Friedrich Herbart

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Noun1.Johann Friedrich Herbart - German philosopher (1776-1841)Johann Friedrich Herbart - German philosopher (1776-1841)  
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82) This problem was of extraordinary importance in the Marbourgian claim of philosophy as a method and a science and it was used to reject other neo-Kantianisms (Frisseen and Herbartian schools) as well as figures of phenomenology.
The content of the then imported education courses focused on Herbartian pedagogy as a result of its dominance in Japan.
Not so Ebbinghaus, whose experimental research was explicitly designed to test a crucial aspect of the Herbartian associative network assumption (the "derived list experiments") (Ebbinghaus, 1885; Fields, Adams, Verhave, & Newman, 1990; Verhave & van Hoorn, 1987).