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Noun1.Herb Simon - United States economist and psychologist who pioneered in the development of cognitive science (1916-2001)
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Herbert Simon, who holds a Nobel prize in economics, was once asked, "If humans consume information, what do information consume?
That kind of economising is called bounded rationality, a term coined by polymathic social scientist Herbert Simon, himself a recipient of the econ Nobel.
Nobel laureate Herbert Simon, an Al pioneer, believes they do.
Both Herbert Simon and Daniel Kahneman won their Nobel prizes for showing that human beings don't always make decisions by making "rational" comparisons of pros and cons.
However, Peter Earl's is one of three chapters that are largely devoted to the relationship between Hayek and Herbert Simon, the others being those by Leslie Marsh and by Salvatore Rizzello and Anna Spada.
Satisficing is a term coined by Herbert Simon in 1947 to explain how a decision could be made when there is no single correct answer.
The most discussed debate on the subject was probably that between Herbert Simon and Dwight Waldo who, in the years following World War II, debated the possibility of being more scientific in the study of PA (Waldo 1952; Simon 1952; Hodgetts and Corbett 1960; Wilson 1981: 138-147).
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Lo noto singularmente Herbert Simon, economista y sociologo, Premio Nobel de Economia en 1978 por sus trabajos sobre la teoria de toma de decisiones en organizaciones de negocios.
Herbert Simon (1955, 1957, 1958, 1960, 1963, 1972, 1976, 1979) made it clear that this schematized model of rationality and the economic man is divorced from reality.
In the late 1950s and early 1960s, there were very few people actually doing AI research--mostly the handful of founders (John McCarthy, Marvin Minsky, and Oliver Selfridge in Boston, Allen Newell and Herbert Simon in Pittsburgh) plus their students, and that included me.