Hercules powder

an explosive containing nitroglycerin; - used for blasting.

See also: Hercules

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The Hercules Powder Company and Smith & Wesson refuse to recommend the reloading of this particular number because of this.
He worked for Hercules Powder on rosin-based emsulsifiers for SBR, then helped build the market for Hercules' epichlorohydrin mbber.
The Covington facility started as part of the Hercules Powder Company, an entity acquired by DuPont in the 1880s and spun-off again in 1912.
As powder manufacturers, including DuPont and Hercules Powder Company, resumed commercial production following World War II, they were chasing Hodgdon's success with handloaders, particularly those who were making loads for long range.
Before examining the formation of the Hercules Powder Company in 1912, Dyer and Sicilia offer a fascinating account of the history of the explosives industry, DuPont's role in it, and the legal background of its dissolution.
Around the turn of the 20th century, Laughlin and Rand and the Hercules Powder Company came to an agreement that placed the smokeless powders under the Hercules label.
One final 1990 publication that needs mention is Hercules Powder Co.
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Of course, today all former Hercules powders are produced under the Alliant label.
No new Hercules powders were available, except Reloder 19 & 22 rifle powders which are imported from Europe.