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Noun1.Herculius - Roman Emperor from 286 until he abdicated in 305; when Diocletian divided the Roman Empire in 286 Maximian became emperor in the west (died in 311)
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In our view, the general interpretation of the building of Cercadilla is correct except for a couple of details: the very short time frame proposed for its construction (296-297), and its consideration as imperial palace for Maximian Herculius in the context of his North African campaign (37).
Fausta, or Flavia Maxima Fausta to call her by her full name, was the daughter of one western emperor, Maximianus Herculius (286-305), the sister of another, Maxentius (306-12), and the wife of a third, Constantine I (306-37).
The obvious candidates are Maximian, as Augustus Herculius, and Galerius, as Diocletian's chosen Caesar.