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 (hĕr′ĭk), Robert 1591-1674.
English lyric poet whose sensuous, simple works, such as "Delight in Disorder" (1648), are marked by his affinity for Latin verse and the influence of Ben Jonson.


(Biography) Robert. 1591–1674, English poet. His chief work is the Hesperides (1648), a collection of short, delicate, sacred, and pastoral lyrics


(ˈhɛr ɪk)

Robert, 1591–1674, English poet.
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Noun1.Herrick - English lyric poet (1591-1674)Herrick - English lyric poet (1591-1674)  
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ANOTHER poet of this age, Robert Herrick, in himself joined the two styles of poetry of which we have been speaking, for he was both a love poet and a religious poet.
Herrick was a jolly old Pagan, full of a rollicking joy in life.
After Herrick left college we know little of his life for eight or nine years.
For eighteen years Herrick lived in his Devonshire home, and we know little of these years.
But Herrick did not love his country home and parish or his people.
Yet though Herrick hated Devonshire, or at least said so, it was this same wild country that called forth some of his finest poems.
Hardly any English poet has written so tenderly of flowers as Herrick.
The maidens sang beautifully, so Herrick took their name for his book, for it might well be that the songs they sang were such as his.
I suppose both of you read his speech at the Herrick Club last night?
Prince," the Prime Minister said, "we have been talking about your speech at the Herrick Club last night.
I have a quarto Shakespeare, I think," he said, "that I marked at Sotheby's, also a manuscript Thomas a Kempis, and a first edition of Herrick.
She was like some rural goddess, and you thought of those fresh, strong girls whom old Herrick had praised in exquisite numbers.