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Noun1.Hershey bar - a bar of milk chocolate made by the Hershey company
chocolate bar - a bar of chocolate candy
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They would give us Juicy Fruit chewing gum, sweets, chocolate Hershey bars, fruit and household items.
Day 1 "We're going to die," shouts Mac, After reason fails, Louie silences Mac with a backhand to the face, Inventory is taken, Only nine items: a flare gun with only a handful flares, a signaling mirror, a dye marker, a fishing kit, two air pumps in canvas cases, a patching kit, a pair of pliers, eight half-pints of water, and six thick, high calorie, melt-resistant, bitter chocolate Hershey bars.
We face an appalling choice of succumbing either to Kraft, makers of the plastic flaps of orange cheese, or to Hershey, whose Hershey bars have been likened in flavour by independent experts to a mixture of soap powder and baby vomit," harrumphed Boris.
I'm a baseball player collecting Hershey bars, crunch bars, Kit Kats, Skittles and candy corn
For someone who drinks a soda every day, for example, downing a 16-ounce Coke instead of a 20-ounce one trims 14,600 calories a year, or the equivalent of 70 Hershey bars.
The Pennsylvania firm - famed for its iconic Hershey bars in the United States - had been weighing up its own move, but Kraft's improved bid, including a higher cash share, put too much pressure on the company.
The Pennsylvania-based firm - famed for its iconic Hershey bars in the US - had been weighing up its own move but Kraft's improved bid, including a higher cash share, put too much pressure on the firm.
Hershey, a US brand known for its Hershey bars and Kisses, is smaller than Cadbury and could sell off some of its European brands to Italian confectionery firm Ferrero or launch a possible joint bid.
Three months ago the shop also introduced a small Cook concession and a dedicated US section, complete with Hershey bars and Marshmallow Fluff.
Elizabeth Fry, whose husband's Chocolate Cream is a tasty little thing, was a renowned Victorian prison reformer and the bloke who makes Hershey bars in America founded a much-loved theme park.
Perhaps there was a chill dew spread out against the cornfields and alleyways that led to all the houses that sat like fat gods dispensing Hershey bars and pennies for UNICEF.