Hessian cloth

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a coarse hempen cloth for sacking.
- Thackeray.

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Tenders are invited for Hessian cloth and non abrasive pad
They were made out of hessian cloth, and were filled up with sand to make them drop to the ground quicker.
The fibers are also woven into curtains chair coverings carpets hessian cloth and backing for linoleum.
As the largest manufacturer in the jute sector, BJMC produces from jute, the longest natural fibre in the world, mainly Hessian cloth, different types of Hessian bags, sack cloth, different types of jute bags, yarn, geo-jute, blankets, jute canvas, carpet backing cloth, and so on.
Ideally before that damaging first frost hits, wrap their trunks and crowns in straw or bubble wrap and hessian cloth.
We love the colour as it makes everything look modern and sophisticated, while the hessian cloth shade adds subtle texture.
The promoters were initially in the business of trading in jute-based hessian cloth.