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a.1.Employing the same letters to represent different sounds in different words or syllables; - said of methods of spelling; as, the ordinary English orthography is heterographic.
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In the Merriam-Webster Pocket Dictionary no final convergence is possible, as the heterogram set ends with the 25-letter CHINTZ, FJORD, PLUMBS, GAWKY, VEX, and the pangram set with the single extra A in LAMB, SQUAWK, FJORD, CHINTZ, VEX, GYP.
For example, the superconstraints in Alphabets (acrostics, rhyme patterns, quenina) affect the same material as the basic constraint of the heterogram, namely the eleven letters.
Nevertheless, the heterogram ZY (which I argue to be the origin of the Mandaic d and the ZY of the Psalter and Book Pahlavi scripts) does in fact occur in the Parthian inscriptions of the Arsacid period.
The May 1974 word Ways noted that the alphabetic rearrangement UAOEYJQXVGMHKTPSZDBFCNRLWI, which moved I to the end of the sequence, generated a single heterogram, OBI, in the Merriam-Webster Pocket Dictionary.
The largest heterogram grids (no letter of the alphabet appearing more than once) are of size 4x4.
GAR is a unitary heterogram, and should therefore be translated "des Feldes," and not as "des Feldes, der Flur"--see I.
ISOGRAM ([approximately equal to] Heterogram, cf Pair Isogram)
One heterogram seems to serve here for two different Iranian words of related meaning.
One has 14 letters, the other has 10 and is also the second longest heterogram.
Heterogram (no repeated letters in a word): unpublished
There is only one perfect heterogram, cab, plus its inferior anagrams, ABC and bac.
This is because there are only 5 different vowels available (a, e, i, o and u), so that any V-C pattern with more than 5 vowels is automatically ruled out of a heterogram exercise.