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Of, relating to, or designating the belief or assumption that humans fall into two distinct categories, female and male, with complementary gender roles, and that heterosexuality is the normal or preferred form of sexuality.

het′er·o·nor′ma·tive·ly adj.
het′er·o·nor′ma·tiv′i·ty (-tĭv′ĭ-tē) n.
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Pena offers persuasive social analysis of the role of the state, in both Cuba and the United States, in maintaining heteronormativity and their strategic silences in the negotiation of identities, practices, and relationships, whether involving intimate partners, the family, or the state and its institutions.
Besides being a super-fun way to break a bedframe, to Cage, good healthy queer sex is also a great way to break down heteronormativity.
Heteronormativity refers to the unspoken rules by which all other sexualities are defined as different and aberrant.
Queering moments and queering pedagogical practices may be categorized by the recognition of interlocking forms of oppression that are constantly shifting and changing, and practices that challenge heteronormativity.
Practicing sex and relationship therapists Richards (West London Mental Health NHS Trust Gender Identity Clinic) and Barker (Open University) offer an eye-opening overview of the many gender identities, sexual practices, and relationship structures clinicians are likely to see among both heterosexual clients and those living outside of heteronormativity.
2) Queerness, therefore, is a label assigned to notions and individuals that contravene the ideals of reproductive futurism, which can be described as concepts that "impose an ideological limit on political discourse as such, preserving in the process the absolute privilege of heteronormativity by rendering unthinkable [.
Sport, rather, is a terrain of social struggle, a landscape upon which class conflict plays out in both odd and familiar ways, gender norms and identities are shaped and subverted, heteronormativity, racism and the politics of empire are open to contestation.
In spite of that small flaw, The Queer Studies Reader will serve as an official and "unofficial" textbook for those interested in overthrowing the patriarchal gender binary and interrupting heteronormativity.
Unfortunately, I went to a middle school where the student body did not value reading, and my dislike of conforming to heteronormativity and my totally un-ironic love for books meant that I was ostracized, although admittedly, part of my social rejection might have been due to my tendency to use words like "ostracize.
What is memorable about them, in addition to the complexity of their performances, was the way in which they deconstructed cultural icons, including transvestite performance as such, at a time in which both the right and left in Brazil and Latin America were firmly anchored in heteronormativity.
He weaves together queer theory and Native studies to critique the heteronormativity of settler colonialism using literary and cultural analysis.
So I look at the way heteronormativity creates marginalized communities out of unsuspecting people and how assumptions about romance and dating directly implicate our lives in the sense of what resources we have access to and how we are protected by the government.