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a.1.Of or pertaining to the method of heteropathy; allopathic.
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Marianne Hirsch associates her own notion of postmemory with Kaja Silverman's "heteropathic recollection'--her elaborate psychoanalytic theorization of the self's ability to take on the memory of others, even culturally devalued others, through a process of heteropathic identification" (1997, 273n6).
9) Silverman is clear that such heteropathic identification is perhaps only a utopian mode of seeing, and there remains a certain impossibility of actually seeing through an other's eyes.
The absolute heteropathic identification remains eschatologically out of reach, but we can see ourselves and the other as we look.
How should we otherwise explain certain obvious disorders of interpersonal life, such as the thing that Scheler calls heteropathic identification with another, whereby one person is completely taken over by another, as in hypnosis as well as in certain hypnotic dependencies of one person on another?