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The simultaneous playing or singing of two or more versions of a melody.

het′er·o·phon′ic (-ər-ə-fŏn′ĭk) adj.


(Classical Music) the simultaneous performance of different versions of the same melody by different voices or instruments
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On this occasion, the sentangih divides these long myths into stanzas, the ending of which is marked by his assistant or assistants, who emphasize what the sentangih has sung by accompanying him in singing the last verse heterophonically.
The variations are unusual in embodying two distinctive devices that he had explored in the first church parable, Curlew River (1964), under the direct influence of music from Indonesia and Japan: an accelerating tremolo effect, and the nonalignment of independent or heterophonically related melodic strands.
The opera's cast of three singers all convey the letters' contents heterophonically, which is to say simultaneously, thus denying the opera the convention of characters in the ordinary sense.